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History of University Competitions

In 2002, IWWF (then known as IWSF) sanctioned the World University Championships in Tianjin, China. 60 skiers from Austria, Australia, Chile, Hong Kong, Colubia, China Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Norway, New Zealand, Netherlands, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA competed in this event. 

Since 2004, IWWF and waterskiing have been part of the programme of the FISU World University Championships. After the first edition was held in Balakovo (RUS) the top student waterskiers had to wait until 2008 for the city of Tianjin (CHN) to organise the second edition, which gathered 65 competitors from 15 countries. In January 2012 the third edition of the FISU World University Waterski Championships was held in Santiago de Chile (CHI). 62 competitors from 19 countries competed in the fourth edition held in Akita, Japan (JPN) in September 2016. The next FISU World Championships will be held in Dnipro, Ukraine in September 2020 and will include both waterski (slalom, trick & jump) and wakeboard disciplines.

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